ERC interview
ERC CoG Interview in Brussels
11 October 2017

On wednesday the 11th of october, Julien went to Brussels in Covent Garden to defend his ERC consolidator proposal APOFIS.
Final decision in December. Let's cross our fingers!

Lab Auckland
Optica online
26 July 2017

A new publication with the University of Auckland is now online in Optica and reports on the universal mechanism through which temporal CSs can form robust long-range bound states.

logo ANR
Julien win an ANR grant
5 May 2017

A new grant for julien from the French agency of research (ANR)
117 k€ to start his new activities on spatial multiplexing.

book chapter
Our book chapter is out.
5 April 2017

A new book is out:
"Shaping Light in Nonlinear Optical Fibers"
This book is edited by C. Finot and S. Boscolo
ISBN: 978-1-119-08812-7, Wiley.
PETAL provided the chapter 8.
J. Fatome and M. Guasoni
"Self-Organization of Polarization State in Optical Fibers"

University of Auckland
Julien @ the University of Auckland.
12 February 2017

Julien is currently visiting the University of Auckland to work on cavity solitons and associated polarization phenomena.

Cover of Nature Photonics
Cover of Nature Photonics
1 February 2017

PETAL gets the cover of the Feb. issue of Nature Photonics with the article on polarization domain walls

Domain Walls published in Nature Photonics
18 January 2017

Our last results dealing with the experimental observation of polarization domain walls in optical fibers have been just published in Nature Photonics.

New publication out
18 October 2016

We have just published our last results dealing with the sampling and amplification process of an arbitrary shaped signal through XPM in Optics Express.

Sydney Opera
5 talks for PETAL during its southern hemisphere tour
9 September 2016

The PETAL team has given 5 talks during its southern hemisphere tour: 1 invited in Auckland and 4 during the Nonlinear Photonics conference in Sydney, including 2 postdeadline papers. Great job.

shock wave
PETAL gets 2 postdeadlines in Nonlinear Photonics
26 August 2016

Great news for the PETAL team, 2 posdeadline papers accepted in Nonlinear Photonics which will be held in Sydney in 2 weeks.
For the first time, Ballistic shock waves and Polarization domain walls will be presented.

CLEO US committee
Julien joins the CLEO US committee
5 July 2016

Julien was just invited to be member of the next 2017 CLEO US conference committee. The conference will be held in San Jose (CA) in May 2017.

Intensity Magnifier
3 orals accepted in Nonlinear Photonics
14 June 2016

Three oral contributions have been accepted in Nonlinear Photonics Conference taking place in Sydney next September.
- Polarization Domain Walls in a fiber resonator (numerics).
- XPM-based intensity magnifier
- Observation of bound states of temporal cavity solitons observed in a passive fiber ring resonator with Auckland
See U there