Last results just published in Nature Physics
10 April 2023

In this work, we have realized a synthetic frequency dimension for light in a fibre ring cavity. This system allows us to mimic the motion of a particle in a periodic crystal. By exciting a temporal cavity soliton inside the fibre ring, we have demonstrated the existence of perpetual Bloch oscillations, despite the detrimental effects of dissipation. Our results offer strong potential for the study of complex phenomena inspired from solid-state physics, which are difficult to explore in their natural environment.

Nature Photonics Cover
1 December 2022

Our recent article dealing with waveform compression in optical fibres has been selected for the cover of the December issue of Nature Photonics. Thanks to Loïc Brunot for this artistic view of the temporal compression phenomenon.

Annual meeting of the GDR ELiOs
18 October 2022

Very nice meeting of the GDR ELiOs taking place in the beautiful town of Marseille.

Nature Photonics
Our last paper published in Nature Photonics
26 September 2022

Our last results, dealing with the extreme temporal compression of lightwaves in optical fibre have been just published in Nature Photonics.

Frequency combs workshop in Brussels, ULB
12 September 2022

Very nice workshop organized by the ULB at the MAGRITTE Museum of Brussels and dealing with Optical Frequency combs, Fundamentals & Applications.
Julien gave an invited talk entitled "Self-symmetrization of spontaneous symmetry-breaking in driven Kerr resonators".

Postdeadline paper in Advanced Photonics Congress in Maastricht
28 July 2022

Our paper dealing with the time-multiplexing of Mbit/s optical data packets in 10-Gbit/s data sequences through ultrafast temporal focusing has been accepted as a postdeadline paper in the 2022 Advanced Photonics Congress. It will be presented on Thursday 28th of July in Maastricht.

Spontaneous polarization symmetry breaking of dissipative cavity solitons
Symmetry breaking of dissipative cavity solitons now online in Nature Communications
30 June 2021

Our paper dealing with the experimental observation of the spontaneous polarization symmetry breaking of dissipative cavity solitons is now published in Nature Communications

Postdeadline paper in Cleo Europe
15 June 2021

Our paper dealing with the experimental observation of temporal cavity solitons in a synthetic photonic lattice has been accepted as a postdeadline presentation in the CLEO europe conference.
Fruitful collaboration between the ICB laboratory in Dijon, The University of Auckland and ULB in Brussels. CLEO Europe 21 – 25 june 2021.

WALL-IN project CNRS-UoA
4 January 2021

New partnership between CNRS and The University of Auckland. The WALL-IN project (confining walls-of-Light in nonlinear Kerr resonators) is a 5-years international research action between the CNRS and The University of Auckland funded by the CNRS and focused on the study of nonlinear dynamics occurring in optical Kerr resonators. The aim is to fund some short and long stays in both Universities for researchers and students. In this framework, Julien will stay in Auckland until next August 2021.

2 papers in a row in JOSA B
18 November 2020

2 papers in a row in the last issue of JOSA B!
- Vectorial dispersive shock waves on an incoherent landscape
- Comparative analysis of stimulated Brillouin scattering at 2  µm in various infrared glass-based optical fibers

New publications online
11 September 2020

Two recent publications with the University of Auckland dealing with polarization dynamics in fiber Kerr resonators are now online.
Polarization modulation instability in a nonlinear fiber Kerr resonator published in Optics Letters
Asymmetric balance in symmetry breaking, published in Phys. Rev. Research

University of Auckland
Now at the University of Auckland
17 January 2020

Julien is now for one year at the University of Auckland in the team of M. Erkintalo, S. Coen and S. Murdoch. Exciting project dealing with polarization and cavity solitons!