Domain Walls published in Nature Photonics
18 January 2017

Our last results dealing with the experimental observation of polarization domain walls in optical fibers have been just published in Nature Photonics.

New publication out
18 October 2016

We have just published our last results dealing with the sampling and amplification process of an arbitrary shaped signal through XPM in Optics Express.

Sydney Opera
5 talks for PETAL during its southern hemisphere tour
9 September 2016

The PETAL team has given 5 talks during its southern hemisphere tour: 1 invited in Auckland and 4 during the Nonlinear Photonics conference in Sydney, including 2 postdeadline papers. Great job.

shock wave
PETAL gets 2 postdeadlines in Nonlinear Photonics
26 August 2016

Great news for the PETAL team, 2 posdeadline papers accepted in Nonlinear Photonics which will be held in Sydney in 2 weeks.
For the first time, Ballistic shock waves and Polarization domain walls will be presented.

CLEO US committee
Julien joins the CLEO US committee
5 July 2016

Julien was just invited to be member of the next 2017 CLEO US conference committee. The conference will be held in San Jose (CA) in May 2017.

Intensity Magnifier
3 orals accepted in Nonlinear Photonics
14 June 2016

Three oral contributions have been accepted in Nonlinear Photonics Conference taking place in Sydney next September.
- Polarization Domain Walls in a fiber resonator (numerics).
- XPM-based intensity magnifier
- Observation of bound states of temporal cavity solitons observed in a passive fiber ring resonator with Auckland
See U there

San jose convention center
See you in CLEO US
2 June 2016

Don't miss our presentations in CLEO US next week in San Jose (CA)
Poster JTu5A.120 on Tuesday
Paper STh4O.4 on Thursday
Paper FF2A.6 on Friday with Auckland

The APOFIS project goes to Brussels
24 May 2016

The ERC proposal APOFIS has sucessfully passed step 1. Julien will attend the interview with the evaluation panel in Bussels in next September. Let's cross fingers!

The crew
Postdoc positions are available in the group
18 May 2016

Two postdoc positions are open in the PETAL team in nonlinear fiber optics.
Contact us if interested with your CV before june.

2 postdoc positions available now
4 May 2016

Two postdoc positions are open in the PETAL team in nonlinear fiber optics.
Contact us if interested with your CV.
Apply asap, first CVs already arrived...

We want you
A postdoc position is available now
14 April 2016

A postdoc position is open in the group to work on the miniaturization of the Omnipolarizer and generalize this concept to spatial mode multiplexing applications.
Contact us if interested with your CV.

3 papers in CLEO US
30 March 2016

PETAL gets 2 accepted papers in CLEO US, San Jose (CA) in next june.
"40-GHz Pulse Source Based on XPM-Induced Focusing in Normally Dispersive Optical Fiber" for an oral presentation. Javier will give the talk.
"Amplification Technique Based on XPM-Induced Focusing in Normally Dispersive Optical Fibers" for a poster presentation.
Julien has also one paper with the University of Auckland.
"Real Time Observations of Soliton Bound States, with Multiple Binding Mechanisms, in Passive Nonlinear Cavities"