Evolution of the temporal intensity profiles of orthogonally polarized pump and signal waves as a function of propagation distance
Our new Optics Letters is available online
8 March 2016

This new publication is entitled "40-GHz pulse source based on XPM-induced focusing in normally dispersive optical fibers"
by J. Nuño, M. Gilles, M. Guasoni, B. Kibler, C. Finot & J. Fatome
In this contribution, we theoretically and experimentally investigate the design of a high-repetition rate source delivering well-separated optical pulses due to the nonlinear compression of a dual-frequency beat signal within a cavity-less normally dispersive fiber-based setup.

Eye-diagram of a 40-Gbit/s signal at the output of the Omnipolarizer
Invited publication in Optics and Laser Technology
1 March 2016

Our invited publication in Optics and Laser Technology is now available online.
Self-induced polarization tracking, tunneling effect and modal attraction in optical fiber by M. Guasoni, P. Morin, P.-Y. Bony, S. Wabnitz & J. Fatome
Here a short movie illustrating the tunneling effect in the Lab