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A postdoc position is available now
14 April 2016

A postdoc position is open in the group to work on the miniaturization of the Omnipolarizer and generalize this concept to spatial mode multiplexing applications.
Contact us if interested with your CV.

3 papers in CLEO US
30 March 2016

PETAL gets 2 accepted papers in CLEO US, San Jose (CA) in next june.
"40-GHz Pulse Source Based on XPM-Induced Focusing in Normally Dispersive Optical Fiber" for an oral presentation. Javier will give the talk.
"Amplification Technique Based on XPM-Induced Focusing in Normally Dispersive Optical Fibers" for a poster presentation.
Julien has also one paper with the University of Auckland.
"Real Time Observations of Soliton Bound States, with Multiple Binding Mechanisms, in Passive Nonlinear Cavities"

Evolution of the temporal intensity profiles of orthogonally polarized pump and signal waves as a function of propagation distance
Our new Optics Letters is available online
8 March 2016

This new publication is entitled "40-GHz pulse source based on XPM-induced focusing in normally dispersive optical fibers"
by J. Nuño, M. Gilles, M. Guasoni, B. Kibler, C. Finot & J. Fatome
In this contribution, we theoretically and experimentally investigate the design of a high-repetition rate source delivering well-separated optical pulses due to the nonlinear compression of a dual-frequency beat signal within a cavity-less normally dispersive fiber-based setup.

Eye-diagram of a 40-Gbit/s signal at the output of the Omnipolarizer
Invited publication in Optics and Laser Technology
1 March 2016

Our invited publication in Optics and Laser Technology is now available online.
Self-induced polarization tracking, tunneling effect and modal attraction in optical fiber by M. Guasoni, P. Morin, P.-Y. Bony, S. Wabnitz & J. Fatome
Here a short movie illustrating the tunneling effect in the Lab